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Sew Steady Holiday Special Table
The Perfect Holiday Table Package  ON SALE NOW! 


Holiday Sewing & Quilting Table Package includes the following:
Large 18x24" Extension Table, NEW GRID GLIDERCIRCLES & STRAIGHTS TOOL 18"
Large 18” x 24” Table


The Plexiglass extension table for your sewing machine affords you greater comfort when sewing. 

Easily attached to the machine, the table provides a larger workspace, which is particularly useful when working on challenging sewing projects.

Besides making better use of space, the extension table for sewing also ensures a more even distribution of your material. The Plexiglass tabletop provides additional support for the fabric and ensures easier feeding during the individual construction steps. This also helps to increase stitching accuracy.

 Between sewing projects, the extended Plexiglass surface can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

 You can even use your table as a light box!  The front edge is smooth and rounded for your comfort and has a permanent ruler stamped on the underside featuring both metric and inches. 

• Made of high-quality acrylic
• Rounded front edge for comfort
• Use it as a light box and 
easy underneath storage
• Permanent inches & metric ruler 
printed on underside of table
• $119.00 Value
NEW! Circles + Straights Tool 
Sew straight seams and sew circles on your Sew Steady Table. 
• $35.00 Value
Creates a slick sewing surface. Polyester mat with micro suction technology secures to Table and sewing machine.
  • 12” X 20” removable polyester, hole pre-cut for feed dogs
  • Slick topside allows for easy fabric glide
  • Micro-suction technology secures to sewing machine and/or extension table
  • Can be trimmed down with scissors
  • Clean with warm water and air dry to revive
 $25.00 Value
Total Value $179.50 
*This is a special order. The table is made to fit a specific sewing machine, so the cut out size  varies.  Simply e-mail us with your sewing machine brand and model, and it will be cut to specifically fit that machine. 

Sew Steady Large 18"x24" Sewing Machine Extension Table HOLIDAY SPECIAL Package

$179.00 Regular Price
$129.00Sale Price
  • Please allow 10-14 Business days for shippiing as this is a customized order.

    Thank you

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