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Melco Commercial Embroidery Machine

BRAVO connects creative hobbyists and entrepreneurs with a 16 needle embroidery machine, software and single-head or networkable multi-head options that give your creativity with embroidery an unmatched world of possibility.

• 16 Needles for high production output 
• Embroider hats like a pro 
• Massive embroidery area 
• Patented Acti-Feed thread delivery/auto-tension 
• Embroidery on a wide variety of products at high speed 
• Compatible with home and commercial file formats

If you're planning to start embroidery production on a tight budget, choose the Amaya Bravo. It offers powerful features at an affordable price. The Bravo can embroider quality designs on apparel, caps, bags and a wide range of textiles beautifully. The Melco Amaya Bravo single head 16 needle embroidery machine can produce all the embroidery your customers expect.

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