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Sebo Combination Nozzle 6735GS

Vacuum Attachment Floor brush for carpets and hard flooring.

Designed for Airbelt D, Airbelt E, Airbelt K, Airbelt C, Felix and the Dart


Genuine SEBO Combination Nozzle cleaning head features a bristle skirt that can be raised and lowered for carpet and hard floor cleaning.


It manually adjusts to high or low surfaces and has excellent performance on hard floors and low pile carpets. The wheels are rubber coated to ensure smooth and gentle rolling over your floors.


This floor brush is suitable for carpets and hard flooring.



Using genuine SEBO bags, filters, and service boxes that are designed for your USA 110/120-volt vacuum cleaner ensure that your incredible, multi-year warranty remains valid!

The problems caused by counterfeit bags and filters are:


  • Poor cleaning performance, due to stifled or reduced suction.
  • Poor filtration and dirt leaks that lead to dirt spewing into the air.
  • Mechanical failure or inability to operate.

SEBO Canister Vacuum Attachment- Combination Floor Nozzle 6735GS

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