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Allergy XL-Packs

The new Allergy XL-Packs offer the ultimate in filtration at a valuable price, coming standard with 8 FilterBags, 2 Pre-Motor Filters and 1 HEPA Filter. Ensure that your vacuum operates with maximum filtration performance.

For a limited time only, purchase the new Allergy XL-Pack at a special introductory price! 

Miele Allergy XL-Packs - 8 FilterBags, 2 Pre-Motor Filters &1 HEPA Filter

$109.95 Regular Price
$79.95Sale Price
  • Inside The Box

    • AirClean 3D FilterBags

    Original Miele FilterBagsTM are made for outstanding filtration and set new standards in floor care. Innovative 3D technology allows for optimum dust distribution inside of the bag, so that it lasts efficiently until full capacity. The special Soft Structure design and self-locking Auto-Seal Collar ensure that dust, dirt and allergens never escape. FilterBagTM Collars are color-coded, making it easy to identify your replacement bags. It's important to note that all Miele vacuums work the most efficiently with Original AirClean FilterBagsTM.

    • HEPA AirClean Filter

    The Miele AirClean System consisting of an Original Miele FilterBagTM, Motor Protection Filter and HEPA AirClean Filter safely traps all dust and allergens and is ideal for allergy sufferers. Miele's HEPA AirClean Filter has over a 99.9% dust retention capacity, ensuring that the air emitted from the vacuum is cleaner than the ambient room air. The HEPA Filter has a Timestrip® Replacement Indicator, which will notify you when it needs to be replaced. The filter typically needs to be changed annually. 


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