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Upright vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter for the greatest Filtration demands.

Find the Perfect Fit customized just for you.!

The Authorized Dealer Difference
Miele HomeCare Dealers offer product expertise and an optimal shopping experience. 

PLUS you will recieve Miele's best warranty in the HomeCare Line.

Offering a 5-Year Warranty on parts and labor and 10-Year Warranty on motor and casing, it is the most comprehensive package ever.


  • High suction power – 1,200 W
  • Highly maneuverable – 46 ft operating radius and ComfortTwister
  • Maximum air hygiene with HEPA AirClean filter
  • 4 ft greater operating radius thanks to the flexible hose extension
  • Long service life – 6l AirClean 3D Efficiency dustbag

Extra powerful for large areas of carpet
Not many flooring options create the feeling of comfort that carpeting does. Miele has developed the Dynamic U1 to ensure proper care. It has an integrated roller brush in the floorhead that cleans carpet fibers thoroughly but carefully and restores the pile.


Automatic height adjustment - Cleans every fiber

The brush roller of the integrated "Power Plus" electrobrush is spring-loaded, allowing it to automatically adjust to the pile of the carpet. This ensures perfect cleaning results all the time. The electrobrush is equipped with a footswitch for easy transition over carpet edges.

Versatile floor unit - Outstanding cleaning performance

Perfectly positioned suction channels and wave-shaped brushes ensure exceptional cleaning performance, even vacuuming thoroughly at hard-to-reach edges. Hair and threads can be easily removed from the roller brush. The floorhead has a safety shut-off that is triggered when there is a blockage. The furniture protection strip, made of soft synthetic material, protects furniture and the appliance in case of accidental collisions


Cleaning performance - For heavily used, robust carpeting

"Powered by its own motor, the beater bar rotates at a steady speed and applies uniform pressure – independent of the selected suction power." The rotation ensures intense deep action and thereby particularly thorough cleaning of heavily used, robust carpeting. "Heavily trodden paths" across carpets are avoided. The electrobrush can be switched off, making it suitable for smooth floors too.


Park position - Secure stand

Thanks to its stable base, the Dynamic U1 can be parked securely without tipping over. The roller brush switches off automatically when parked and stationary to protect the surface it's on.


SwivelNeck - Move around obstacles with ease

The Dynamic U1 is equipped with SwivelNeck™, a unique double-jointed swivel. This makes it surprisingly agile and easy to maneuver over and around obstacles.


Sleek design - For inaccessible places

The Dynamic U1's SwivelNeck™ feature and slender body make it possible to vacuum under furniture with ease.

Operating radius - For large surfaces

33 ft. (10 m) long cable, telescopic tube and flexible suction hose: The Dynamic U1 has an operating radius of 54 ft. (14 m). This allows you to vacuum large areas without effort as there is no need to frequently change sockets.

A complete array of accessories - Always at hand

Three premium accessories are integrated as standard at the back of Miele upright vacuum cleaners. Upholstery nozzle, dusting brush and an extra long crevice nozzle are close to hand at all times.


    Miele Exclusive HomeCare Collection Dynamic U1 HomeCare PowerLine

    • Construction type 
      Upright vacuum cleaners with FilterBag™

      Product line

      Dynamic U1

      Motor type


      Product type


      Appliance color

      Mango red

      Control panel 
      Electronic suction power setting

      4-stage rotary selector

      Switch for electrobrush in the handle

      Quick-release cord hook

      Automatic deactivation of beater bar in park position

      Comfort handle

      Flexible suction hose with comfort handle

      Telescopic suction wand

      Aluminium telescopic tube

      Park system for vacuuming breaks

      Auto height adjustment

      Efficiency and sustainability 
      Nominal power consumption in W


      Filter system 
      Type of FilterBag™

      AirClean 3D Efficiency U

      FilterBag™ volume in l


      FilterBag™ change indicator

      Exhaust filter

      HEPA AirClean filter

      Locking system for floorhead and handle

      Automatic FilterBag™ positioning

      Thermal Protection Indicator

      Electro brush floorhead with safety shut-off

      Technical data 
      Max. power in W


      Length in in. (mm)


      Height in mm


      Weight in lbs


      Standard accessories 
      Upholstery tool

      Extended crevice tool SFD 10

      Dusting brush with natural bristles


      HEPA AirClean filter

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